Split Mung Beans


Peeled Mung Beans from Whole Mung Beans Noom 100% purebred variety

The cultivation process follows sustainable agricultural standards, without the use of any agricultural chemicals (no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides) for each plump and nutritious mung bean.

The process of peeling mung beans does not use any industrial additives or industrial chemicals whatsoever.



Peeled mung beans from whole mung beans of native purebred variety, golden intestine variety, cultivated according to the sustainable agricultural model.

Expiration Date:

3 months at room temperature, 12 months in the fridge


Whole mung beans – soaked in water – then peeled and husked with clean water – then dried at 40°C to produce peeled mung beans – packaged.


Peeled mung beans can be stored by farmers for 6 months at room temperature under certain preservation conditions, such as: careful observation, tightly sealed plastic bags or containers, occasionally taken out for drying, adding garlic to prevent pests.

However, under different conditions, for busy customers with little time to pay attention to or use, it is best to store peeled mung beans in jars/containers/bags and place them in the fridge for the best preservation to avoid pests and spoilage.


– Peeled mung beans are suitable for individuals with digestive systems that are not suitable for or cannot tolerate insoluble fiber like mung bean husks. Peeled mung beans are suitable for making porridge, milk, steamed rice for weaning babies, and the elderly.

– Peeled mung beans are suitable for making fillings for mooncakes, mung bean cakes, square sticky rice cakes, floating rice cakes, making sweet rice… and all types of traditional Vietnamese cakes.

– Easily used in dishes and beverages, can replace meat ingredients with cashews or make sweet dishes, desserts, or cereal.
– Peeled mung beans are a source of protein for vegetarians, equivalent to beef or pork for meat eaters.

– You can use peeled mung beans for desserts, nut milk, soups, or to make mung bean cakes.


– Rinse briefly with water before processing.

– Easily combine in dishes such as steamed rice, porridge, sticky rice dishes, making cakes, or grinding to make milk without the need for soaking.

– Suitable for all individuals from children to adults, the elderly. Especially suitable for those with a vegetarian diet, weaning babies, and as a replacement for cow’s milk for children.


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