natural soap

Natural vegetable oil ingredients, unrefined, no additives, meeting food standards along with the saponification reaction production method, no longer contains lye.

  • Natural glycerin >5% moisturizes the skin
  • Gently cleanses with a mild foaming mechanism, no abrasive properties
  • Environmentally friendly and easily biodegradable wastewater

Is soap made from natural ingredients good for the skin?

The quality depends on the composition of the soap base. Usually, soap bases bought from external sources or imported ones with unknown origins can pose risks when used over a long period.

Does natural soap use soap base?

Natural soaps do not use soap bases. The main ingredients are unrefined oils, typically coconut oil, sesame oil, and sacha inchi oil. Natural soaps made from cold-pressed oil manufacturers tend to have very affordable prices.

Does natural soap produce a lot of lather?

Natural soap must first have no residual sodium hydroxide. Next, the saponification reaction cleans gently with a foaming action from a water-repelling oil and a water-loving head, creating bubbles. However, bubbles from natural soap easily break down in water, conserving water and being environmentally friendly.

Why does natural soap help nourish the skin?

After proper curing, natural soap contains natural glycerin that moisturizes the skin effectively. After use, a smooth and moisturizing oil layer remains on the skin, providing protection.

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