Orginal Uncented Soap


Noom Soap was created because we are a producer of pure cold-pressed oils. Consequently, Noom always has a surplus of unrefined oil (a small amount of oil extracted after the steam distillation process), which meets food standards.

Unrefined oil is excellent for cooking, and we still have unrefined oil available for sale in the food section. This is an excellent ingredient for producing natural soap using the complete saponification reaction without any residual NaOH. The environmentally friendly wastewater is easily biodegradable.

Noom’s versatile soap does not use fillers, has no residual chemicals, and no preservatives. The main ingredient that defines the quality of the soap is natural vegetable oil. Therefore, we confidently say that we grow the ingredients for our natural soap ourselves.

Unrefined Oil Soap is originally natural soap with a mild and pure scent, no residual NaOH after saponification reaction with fats in oils, contains natural vegetable glycerin (> 5%) which moisturizes the skin.

All-Purpose Natural Soap is a natural soap that creates abundant lather, effectively cleanses, quick to dissolve in water, super water-saving. Natural soap cleans based on the principle of removing organic dirt from the surface, is gentle and soothing, not aggressive, not destructive.

All-Purpose Natural Soap is freshly made by oil producers, extremely cost-effective, cheaper by 50-70% compared to soap producers who purchase oil to make soap.


Pure unrefined sacha inchi oil, pure unrefined coconut oil, and pure water.


Original soap has no scent or has the natural scent of unrefined oils, becomes completely unscented after use.


1 bar 100g: 50,000 VND (reusable packaging)

4 bars 400g: 180,000 VND (reusable packaging)

10 bars/1kg: 400,000 VND (complete box with packaging and label)



With 3 pure unrefined oil components, the uses are extensive, including:

Pure coconut oil has the ability to create good lather, helping to clean skin, hair, clothes, and dishes.

Pure black sesame oil increases the glycerin content in the soap to > 5%, softening the skin and increasing moisture for hair.

Pure sacha inchi oil with its bitter, astringent taste helps balance bacteria and fungi on the skin, promoting healthy, shiny skin and hair.

Bathing and Shampooing

– Cleanses and moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and smooth after bathing.

– Cleans hair without harming the scalp.

– Creates abundant lather, softens and smoothens the skin before shaving.

Dishwashing, Handwashing, Face Cleansing

– Cleans dishes and pots, odorless and extremely safe for health. Lather dissolves quickly in water, very water-saving.

– Cleans hands, leaving them clean, fragrant, safe, and smooth.

– Cleanses facial skin naturally, maintaining the balance of the skin’s microflora.


– Gently removes dirt from clothes based on the principle of separating organic dirt from the surface. Especially effective in removing tough stains like blood, milk residue, or baby stool.

– Natural oil soap is suitable for hand washing as it is water-efficient.

– Preserves fabric durability and disinfects clothes, especially suitable for natural fabrics and baby clothes.


All-Purpose Natural Soap completely replaces bath gel, shampoo, facial cleanser, and baby bath products

– Use the whole soap bar for best results.

– You can cut it into small pieces, soak them in water to create a cleaning solution for the whole family, or soak them in water for shampoo. Adding citrus peels, dried fruits, or essential oils to the water can add fragrance and balance bacteria.

Cut a piece of All-Purpose Natural Soap into a bottle, add 300ml of water, and use it immediately without waiting for it to dissolve. Adjust the ratio based on usage purpose. If you have small children, you can soak it in 1 liter of water for easy handwashing.

– Soak each piece as needed, use one piece at a time, then soak the next.

– Suitable for all age groups from infants to adults.

How to Use All-Purpose Natural Soap

– Full-body bathing: Wet the entire body or the area of skin to be cleaned, rub the soap directly onto the skin, then rinse thoroughly. Rinse with water.

– Bathing for infants and children: Create lather on an adult’s hand, rub it all over the head, hair, and body of the child, then rinse with warm water. Avoid getting thick soap into the eyes or sensitive areas. Rinse with plenty of water if necessary.

– Shampooing: Stand and shampoo, use your fingertips to massage the scalp several times, then rinse directly under the shower. For better results in treating dandruff and softening hair, use diluted lemon juice directly on the scalp, massage, and rinse with clean water.

– Face cleansing: Create lather on your hands, apply it to your face for 15 seconds, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

– Handwashing and Dishwashing: Note to wash under running water, do not soak dishes in the soap water immediately after washing with natural soap.

Note: Unrefined Oil Soap is still used as the best intimate hygiene product today compared to industrial products, even organic ones. Just dilute it a lot with water to avoid irritation. Best practice is to clean the intimate area while rinsing water from the showerhead from head to feet, convenient, gentle, and 100% safe.

Unrefined Oil Soap is also effective for natural organic stains and some industrial chemical stains, including synthetic fragrances, synthetic food coloring, refined oils. However, it may not be as effective as expected for heavily chemically treated stains.

For Dishwashers & Washing Machines

– Dishwasher: Just cut into small pieces or grate about 1/20 – 1/10 of the soap bar and place it in the detergent compartment alongside regular dishwasher detergent. Run the dishwasher as usual. It’s been tested on a Bosch dishwasher with hot water function. After washing, if there is a slight white residue, it means the soap hasn’t fully dissolved, so use a smaller amount of soap or extend the washing cycle.

– Top-loading washing machine: Similar to the dishwasher method, adjust the amount of soap based on the load of clothes. Choose the soaking option for the best results. You can soak the soap pieces in water to create a liquid detergent.

– Front-loading washing machine: Similar to the top-loading washing machine, put the soap into a thin cloth bag or mesh bag for maximum cleaning effectiveness.

Note: Experimentation for Bosch dishwashers with hot water function has shown that it may not be suitable for some dishwashers that require chemical detergents. The cleaning principle of Noom soap is to separate dirt from the surface, utilizing water’s molecular cohesion to carry away dissolved dirt. Noom soap does not have a cleansing action, does not destroy, or convert dirt into other substances. So, if the dishwasher works similarly to hand washing with running water, applying the dishwasher method can work. However, if the dishwasher works by soaking dishes in water, there may still be a layer of white residue on the surface.

Note: All-Purpose Natural Soap does not work well in hard water.


When using the entire bar, it should be stored in a dry place. If it gets wet, the soap bar will soften, but the quality won’t change.

Place the soap in a breezy area with gentle sunlight. Excessive sunlight can cause

the soap to become too soft, like chocolate. Alternatively, place it near a fan.

Unrefined oil soap is made from pure natural black sesame, sacha inchi, and coconut oils. Because it’s not a detergent, the reaction with oil colors will take longer compared to fat-based dirt. After 4 months, the white soap will take on the natural color of the oils, starting with beige, then turning to a deeper off-white. The soap becomes off-white and takes on a yellowish tint over time. The longer the soap is stored, the better the quality due to the stable sodium content, even if the soap develops a strong smell that’s not pleasant.

Natural soap is based on sodium salts, so it has a shelf life of about 24 months.


Noom’s unrefined oil soap is made using the saponification reaction between fats and NaOH, also known as the cold process.

Unrefined black sesame oil and unrefined sacha inchi oil used in the production of Noom’s natural soap are pure ingredients from Noom’s own farm and are directly pressed at Noom’s workshop. The waste water is easily biodegradable and environmentally friendly. We’ve tested the waste water by using it to water plants, flowers, and vegetables. In a year, the plants are consistently green and healthy.

The production workshop is located in Ben Tre and meets the standards for dry cosmetics production.

The soap has been tested and certified, and there are results of testing and invoices.

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