Return and Refund Policy

For any product quality issues, Noom Food hopes to receive customer feedback as soon as possible in order to have the opportunity to compensate with the same products or refund customers.

It is best and easiest for both you and Noom to provide feedback immediately upon receipt or within the same day.

Chat on the website, leave Noom a message, or call the hotline: 0354902326 – 0355240703 – 0788693047 for urgent assistance.


1. Cases eligible for product returns/exchanges

– Products naturally have non-uniform colors, scents and flavors. There are 3 tones of scent and flavor. This is a wonderful thing unique to natural products. However, if customers are not yet accustomed and upon opening the lid or package, you smell something displeasing, we will still accept the return. You just need to pay the 2-way shipping cost to Noom. Please contact us as soon as possible.

– Wilted, crushed vegetables/fruits; insect-damaged interior of fruit/vegetables; overripe produce…

– Issues with dried goods, packaged products like torn protective membranes, insect-damaged nuts…

– Foreign objects not part of ingredients found in product

– Deformed products affecting usage

2. Product return/exchange procedures

– For purchases through dealers, please contact them directly to conduct returns/exchanges and refunds. If the dealer does not resolve the issue to your satisfaction, please immediately contact Noom at hotline: 0354902326 – 0355240703 – 0788693047

– For website or hotline 0354902326 – 0355240703 – 0788693047 purchases, please call to conduct returns.

– Returns/exchanges accepted within 3 days of successful delivery.

3. Refund policy

Applies to cancelled orders before shipping confirmation, incorrect Noom shipments, incorrect (over) customer transfers. We will refund in all cases. Please provide bank account information including: Account number/Recipient name/Bank name/Branch/Phone number. Noom Food will process the refund within 3 days of refund confirmation.

We hope customers thoroughly inspect goods upon purchase and receipt for swift resolution and the most satisfactory buying experience.