Whole Green Mung Bean


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Whole Green Mung Beans Noom 100% purebred variety

Cultivated following sustainable agricultural standards, without the use of any agricultural chemicals (no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides) for each plump, nutrient-rich green mung bean.




Noom’s green mung beans belong to native purebred variety, with golden skin. Grown according to the principles of sustainable agriculture.


6 months at room temperature


Natural green mung beans can be stored by farmers for 1-2 months at room temperature under certain conditions: observe, seal in plastic bags or containers, and occasionally take them out for drying and add some garlic to prevent pests.

However, for customers who are busy or less attentive to storage, it’s best to store green mung beans in containers and place them in the refrigerator’s cool compartment to prevent pests and spoilage.


– Easily used in various dishes and beverages, it can replace meat with cashews or be used in desserts, snacks, or cereal.

– Green mung beans are a protein source for vegetarians, comparable to beef and pork for meat-eaters.

– You can use green mung beans to make desserts, nut milks, soups, or even mung bean cakes.


– Rinse briefly with water before cooking.

– Easily incorporated into dishes such as steamed rice, porridge, sticky rice, or used in baking or making soups.

– Suitable for all ages, from children to adults and the elderly. Especially beneficial for those on a vegetarian diet, infants transitioning to solid foods, and as a replacement for cow’s milk for children.

– Making mung bean sprouts at home is safe and delicious.

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