Whole Grain TRT Nutritious Rice


Fragrant Whole Nutrient Rice “Rice Aroma”


1kg, packed in an inner plastic bag and an outer paper bag.


The fragrant whole nutrient rice “Rice Aroma” includes: black unpolished rice, red dragon unpolished rice, brown jasmine rice, fragrant unpolished rice, TBR1 unpolished rice, split green mung beans. All are purebred grains, locally renowned ancient varieties of the Central region.

(The product you receive may contain 1 to 2 additional or missing types of rice mentioned above)

Usage Instructions

Thoroughly rinse the nutrient rice before soaking. Soak the rice for over 30 minutes before cooking. The water-to-rice ratio is 1:1.5 for soaked rice. The rice expands into round, non-sticky grains, making it great for rice dishes.

Taste: Loose, dry grains with stable fragrance, not mushy but very rich, chew thoroughly for a sweet, non-cloying taste.

Nutrient rice offers a variety of purebred grains with diverse nutritional vitamins and minerals. Suitable for city dwellers, those consuming less meat, children, and individuals on a diet as it supports weight loss by providing less rice, leaving a light feeling in the stomach and being comfortable.

It’s also excellent for making porridge, particularly delicious. Produces beautiful and tender fried rice. It can be ground into flour for various types of cakes, noodles, vermicelli… with distinct characteristics like pancakes, noodle soup, vermicelli dishes.

Production Process

– Cultivated using traditional methods from the ancient rice civilization. The rice is entirely organically grown at noom farms in Quang Nam.

– After harvesting, the rice is sun-dried, preserved, stored naturally, then husked, polished, sifted, and packaged.

– The entire process of processing and preparing nutrient rice does not involve adding any additives or preservatives, meeting sustainable agricultural standards.

Storage Guidelines

– Inside the paper bag, there’s an inner plastic bag. Please securely tie the bag after each use. Check the packaging for any tears or holes and reinforce with an additional layer if needed. After purchase, if using daily, you can store it at room temperature for around 45 days and monitor it. If using less frequently or new to natural products, place it in a cool refrigerator compartment to prevent moisture, mold, and extended shelf life for over 6 months.


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