Black Kidney Bean


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Black Kidney Bean Noom 100% purebred variety, cultivated for many years in the Ch’om Tây Giang field. It is part of the CSR product group, a sustainable livelihood under the forest canopy, cultivated naturally and alternately under the forest canopy. The quality of Black kidney bean is closely monitored from seed sowing, transplanting, to harvesting and processing.

The cultivation process follows organic ecological standards, without using any agricultural chemicals (no chemical fertilizers, no plant protection agents) for each plump and nutrient-rich black bean.


500g: 100,000 VND

Production Process

– Black kidney bean are sown in the main spring harvest of the summer crop.

– Transplanted using natural farming methods, sustainable livelihood under the forest canopy.

– Dried under the sunlight.

– Carefully sifted during the processing stage.

– No preservatives are used throughout the harvesting and processing process.


Provides vitamins and minerals

Black kidney bean contain a lot of iron, essential vitamins, and minerals for the body, such as vitamin K, copper, potassium, molybdenum, manganese, and folic acid, which are good for brain development and overall health of the fetus. Similar to soybeans, red adzuki beans contain isoflavones, which help keep the skin smooth, rosy, and rich in collagen.

The skin of Black kidney bean contains many antioxidant anthocyanins.

Some studies suggest that consuming kidney beans may help reduce the risk of weight gain and obesity due to their starch-resistant properties.


– Rinse thoroughly, check the beans, soak them in clean water for over 1 hour, then simmer until tender and use them in cooking.

– Easy to use in daily meals such as steamed rice, stewed meat, porridge, sweet soup, making milk, making cakes, cooking porridge…

– Nutrient-rich ingredient in dishes suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and children.

– Suitable for vegetarians, dieters.

– Grind into a fine powder for face masks.

Storage Instructions

Black kidney bean can be stored at room temperature under specific storage conditions such as observing, tightly sealing in plastic bags or containers, occasionally exposing to sunlight, adding garlic to prevent pests. However, under different conditions, for busy customers who pay less attention or use less, it is best to store adzuki beans in the refrigerator’s cool compartment to avoid pests and spoilage.

Expiration date: 12 months from the date of production.

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