Frankincense Incense Noom is made from 95% pure agarwood from the eaglewood tree (5ml/kg) in Tien Phuoc, Quang Nam. The remaining ingredient is natural litsea glutinosa powder, used for bonding and preserving the delightful fragrance of the incense.

The traditional powder fermentation method preserves the pure and famous fragrant aroma, both nationally and internationally.

The rocky mountainous region of Tien Phuoc, Quang Nam is renowned for its unique soil, harsh weather conditions, and steep terrain, which are highly suitable for the Agarwood tree to produce premium quality incense with a distinctive and unique aroma, unlike any other in the country or abroad. When it comes to incense, within the enthusiast community, everyone must mention Tien Phuoc – Quang Nam.

Premium incense produced from Agarwood trees “Premium Ingredients” determine the quality of Agarwood incense
The composition of an Agarwood incense stick includes bamboo core, wood powder containing essential oils, and binding agents. Any chemical components present in these three ingredients can make the incense impure and have negative effects on the user’s health. We have maintained the traditional craft in our homeland for over 35 years, always relying on premium ingredients to ensure 100% clean Agarwood incense:

100% Agarwood powder (from the Agarwood tree) cultivated in Quang Nam (with an essential oil ratio of 5ml/kg) and perfectly bound with the shell powder of Boi Loi tree grown in Gia Lai, Kon Tum, and Dak Lak. No additional binding agents, flammable substances, additives, or chemical fragrances are used. Noom Agarwood incense is certified to ensure the safety of the smoke for users.
Bamboo cores and Agarwood trees are naturally dried under the sun, with no moisture repellent added. You can easily detect an unfamiliar smell when bamboo cores have moisture repellents added.
Moreover, Natural Agarwood incense by Noom is not dyed with chemicals. We are a pioneering incense workshop that initiated the dye-free trend, producing 100% traditional products without chemicals.

Natural Agarwood incense without chemicals What are the benefits of Agarwood incense?
Agarwood incense is like a small “fragrant stick” that can connect with the Fire Deity – a deity often absent in many urban households. The Fire Deity is both a destroyer and a creative force of growth and prosperity for the homeowner. Premium Agarwood incense

The aroma of Agarwood belongs to the highest vibrational frequency in the world of scents. When your olfactory senses perceive this natural and pleasant aroma, your mind will feel relaxed and extremely comfortable.

On the contrary, if you smell chemical fragrances that are too intense, your sensitive olfactory senses may not tolerate it, leading to headaches, dizziness, and nausea. The detrimental effects have been scientifically proven, including respiratory tract cancer, asthma, cardiovascular diseases… These harms have been scientifically proven, and you can learn more about choosing natural Agarwood incense here

When you possess authentic Agarwood incense, its original pure fragrance will allow you to experience superior effects when using incense in your daily life.

Using Agarwood incense daily Spiritual rituals

Burn incense sticks to purify the air, expel negative energy, cleanse impurities, and dispel malevolent spirits,
Use them in worship rituals, offering incense in Buddhist ceremonies,
Burn incense to warm and purify the space when moving to a new place or before returning home.

Deodorizing by burning

Burn in a room to create a sweet and warm aroma for your home,
Repel insects, especially protecting children from mosquito bites and infectious diseases transmitted by mosquitoes,
Create a warm atmosphere, prevent cold air and seasonal winds, such as spring, autumn, and winter,
Eliminate bacteria and mold in the air, purify the space,
Neutralize unpleasant odors, such as those in bathrooms, kitchens, or damp and smelly areas,
Neutralize odors in refrigerators, air-conditioned rooms, karaoke rooms, and confined spaces,
Eliminate car odors and prevent motion sickness.

Spiritual therapy

Enhance focus and mental upliftment while working,
Support relaxation and purification of body-mind-spirit during meditation and yoga.

Who is Agarwood incense suitable for?
As long as the natural Agarwood incense is free from chemicals, it can be used by anyone, including children (under adult supervision). Whether used year-round or in hot weather, clean Agarwood incense can be used in any space and situation.

If you’ve never used Agarwood incense before, you can choose to purchase trial-sized incense. In the market, incense comes in various sizes, Agarwood incense without bamboo core, and incense loops… Burning time can range from 60 minutes to 21 hours depending on usage needs. Noom sells Agarwood incense at various price points to allow customers to easily experience the product:

✅ Brand
⭐ Noom Agarwood incense

✅ Trial Type
⭐ Incense card (50 grams, 30 sticks, 30cm length), burn time 60 minutes/stick

✅ Regular Use Type
⭐ Incense bundle (150 grams, 80 sticks for 40cm bundle, 100 sticks for 30cm bundle), burn time 60 minutes/stick

✅ Special Occasion Use Type
⭐ Incense loop (20 grams/loop, 12cm diameter), burn time 18-21 hours depending on wind and weather conditions.

Where to buy clean Agarwood incense?
First and foremost, you must be cautious when choosing to buy Agarwood incense. Many people often believe that the more fragrant and better-burning the incense, the more it’s considered respectful. Lighting an incense stick and leaving it unattended might unknowingly offer chemical-laden incense to ancestral spirits and accumulate harmful substances in your living space and your body.

Cinnamon Incense 1
12 years of Agarwood incense production[/caption>

Therefore, take the time to thoroughly research about the transparent origin, verified ingredients, production process, and clear information about the workshop. Safety comes first because the gaseous aroma goes directly into our lungs. Moreover, the traditional incense-making process, streamlined with premium ingredients, will yield authentic Agarwood incense.

Video of the incense production process at the Noom incense workshop in Tien Phuoc, Quang Nam.
In addition, quality assurance checks, product disclosure documentation for clean Agarwood incense from reputable manufacturers will always be transparently provided.

Cinnamon Incense 2
Certificate of Natural Clean Agarwood Incense

Noom wishes you always make safe and beneficial choices for everyday habits, especially by selecting the right type of clean incense to use with sincerity and reverence for your own health and the well-being of your family!
Frequently Asked Questions about Agarwood Incense:

Is Agarwood incense harmful?

Agarwood incense, when used in the correct dosage, is very beneficial and not harmful to health. However, excessive use can lead to breathing difficulties and respiratory issues, especially for pregnant women.

How long does Agarwood incense burn?

The burning time of Agarwood incense varies depending on its quality. Generally, pure Agarwood incense will burn continuously for about 60 minutes (for 50cm sticks).

Is it safe to use Agarwood incense in a house with newborns?

Pure Agarwood incense is very good for newborns, as it helps purify the air and creates a cool space in the summer and a warm space in the winter for the baby. However, you should use clean Agarwood incense and ensure its source and origin for the baby's safety!

Can pregnant women use Agarwood incense?

Burning Agarwood incense provides a relaxing sensation for pregnant mothers, reduces stress, and promotes better sleep during pregnancy. Therefore, you can definitely use it.

What types of Agarwood incense does Noom offer?

To cater to various usage needs and cost-saving preferences, Noom offers a range of Agarwood incense types: - Incense cards: Trial-sized with 50g per card, containing 31 sticks at 30cm length, priced at only 50K. - Economical incense bundles: 150g, available in 30cm (94 sticks) or 40cm (72 sticks) lengths, both priced at 100K. - Bulk incense without packaging: Sold by weight, providing great savings, and available based on the quantity ordered by customers.

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