Dried Red TRT Vermicelli


Dragon Fruit Vermicelli is fragrant like no other, Noom’s dry vermicelli has the highest proportion of dragon fruit rice on the market today, 50% dragon fruit rice, with the red color of dragon fruit rice, not mixed with beetroot powder or red cashew nut color.


– Dragon fruit rice (50%), white glutinous rice purebred variety (50%), and water. (NO SALT)
(contains no ingredients or additives other than rice and water)


– 500g paper bag: 85k
– Bulk 1kg: 150k (no packaging)
– Vermicelli diameter: 0.8mm (thin vermicelli), breakage rate <5%


– Used as fresh vermicelli, for processing various dishes.
– A type of thin vermicelli, made from wholegrain rice, soft, less chewy, easy to digest, satisfying yet light on the stomach.
– Fragrant and delightful dragon fruit vermicelli does not contain salt, suitable for all ages, especially for the elderly, babies transitioning to solid foods, and those on a diet.


Quickly rinse with cold water, then pour hot broth over it, wait 3 minutes and it’s ready to eat.
For mixed vermicelli: soak in warm hot water for 5 – 7 minutes, then drain, add a little sesame oil to keep the vermicelli from sticking together, and mix with your favorite toppings.
There are two slightly different shades of red for the vermicelli, but the taste is the same. We keep the variety for the next season, so the red glutinous rice is mixed with the dragon fruit rice.


Soak rice > Blend water > Automatically separate dough with a machine > Press vermicelli > Rinse vermicelli and then dry.
The entire vermicelli production process takes place in a closed loop with stainless steel equipment, and the vermicelli press head is made of cast iron.
Drying is done on bamboo racks under the sun, in a drying area away from residential and road areas. The production facility has an ecological barrier fence. Air Quality Index (AQI) <50.
The vermicelli production facility is fully certified by the Department of Food Safety and Hygiene (VSATTP).


– Refrigerated storage: 12 months from the production date.
– Room temperature storage: 6 months from the production date.


– Put the vermicelli in an airtight container, preventing moisture from entering. Store at room temperature, tie the mouth of the bag tightly to prevent dampness and the presence of ants or mice. If used infrequently, store in the refrigerator.
Nationwide delivery, inbox for special offers: receive 150g of slightly irregular dragon fruit vermicelli, not as beautiful, slightly broken, less smooth color, slightly sticky when purchasing a 500g bag of vermicelli.
*The gift program is limited, we may stop when the gifts run out.

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