Crunchy Coconut Chips By Jaggery


Crispy dried coconut slices are a simple product made from mature coconut flesh (not too young or old), marinated with raw sugarcane juice, and then dried until crispy. Crispy dried coconut slices are a perfect snack for young children, providing complete healthy fats and natural sweetness to support healthy growth without any concerns about side effects or nutritional deficiencies.


100% mature coconut flesh and raw sugarcane juice.


  • 150g Jar: 90,000 VND
  • 1kg Jar: 550,000 VND


  • Replace traditional snacks for young children. Add to smoothies, various fruits, avocado smoothies, papaya dragon fruit, mixed fruit puree without needing to add milk or sugar, still deliciously sweet and rich.
  • Natural plant-based fats that are great for health and provide essential energy.
  • Provide saturated vegetable fats, suitable for vegetarians, to replace animal fats. Coconut provides ample energy for the body, ensuring a nutrient-rich diet even when vegetarian or on a diet.
  • Raw sugarcane juice preserves 100% of sugarcane nutrients, containing hundreds of essential minerals for bone cell synthesis in children.
  • Crunchy texture helps children develop chewing skills and provides a delightful crunch.
  • Rich in dietary fiber from whole coconut flesh, acting as a substrate for gut microbiota.


  • Eat crispy dried coconut slices directly.


100% from Noom’s raw sugarcane juice and mature coconut flesh, sourced from planned cultivation areas for cold-pressed coconut oil production in Mocay Ben Tre.


  • Peel the tough shell -> remove the fibrous husk -> select fresh flesh -> clean the flesh -> slice -> marinate -> heat drying -> package in jars.
  • 100% free from any food additives or chemicals during production.
  • All production tools and facilities are sterile and clean, stainless steel tools, cleaned with standard clean water and natural soap.
  • The production area complies with food safety standards and hygiene.


6 months from the manufacturing date, store in the refrigerator.


Tightly seal the jar after use. Keep outside for 15 – 21 days from the manufacturing date, depending on weather conditions. After removing from the refrigerator, it can be transported for up to 7 days. The recipient should store it in the refrigerator and consume gradually. Avoid exposure to heat, direct sunlight, and high temperatures.
NOTE: To ensure that the coconut slices are always fresh, fragrant, and crispy, Noom only produces them upon pre-orders. Therefore, it might take 3 days to 1 week from placing the order for the crispy dried coconut slices to reach you.

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