Dried Rice Straw Mushroom


Dried rice straw mushroom is grown from rice straw. The process does absolutely not use of urea, no fertilizers or chemical  pesticide . Noom dried rice straw mushrooms are suitable for cooking vegetarian noodle soup. With Low-heat dried time by machine and sun will help the mushrooms retain the umami from minerals in mushroon.In oriental medicine, dried under the sun and heat it is called the yang and yin, help remove some poision in fresh mushroom.


100% fresh straw mushrooms dried at 40-60 degrees for 15 hours.


100gr : 200 000 vnd

500gr : 950 000 vnd

1kg : 1 800 000 vnd

100gr dried rice mushroom = 1kg fresh mushroom


Driede Rice Straw Mushrooms are grown by Noom from only rice straw  without using urea, no using any fertilizers or  pesticide.  Including small bud, big grow bud

After harvesting, it is peeled clean – chopped – dried at 40-60 degrees 15 hours – and then packed.

The storage process does not use any additives or preservatives. .

Rice straw materials include rice straw from Noom’s chemical-free fields and  selected  rice straw from outside fields without control cultivation.

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Wash dried rice straw mushrooms as clean as frest vegetables with water. Then soak in drinking water until soft. Then use both the soaking water and the mushrooms to boil and make broth. During the cooking process, add a little sea salt so that the umami reaction occurs, help umami  noodle broth.

Dried rice straw mushrooms in dried form taste slightly bitter but when boiling it turn into delicous broth  no need MSG or seasoning powder or yeast extract.

Dried rice straw mushrooms, after soaking, can be used to stir-fry or braise delicious dishes.

Dried rice straw mushrooms are also used as a seasoning or as a side dish or sauce.

Dried rice straw mushrooms are suitable for everyone from children, parents and the elder.


12 month from the manufactured date


Do not let dried rice straw mushrooms in moisture. Tie the bag tightly after using then put it in the refrigerator or freezer. Dried rice straw mushrooms stored at room temperature need to be monitored or they will become moldy. Store at room temperature with observation and re-dry or re-dry for 3 months.



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