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Fresh Wild Cashew Nuts, Peeled and Silked, Noom variety, belong to the old cashew variety, harvested from wild cashew trees in the sandy region of Thang Binh district, Quang Nam province.

These cashew nuts have a very fragrant aroma and a distinct rich sweet taste reminiscent of the past, which sets them apart from the regular cashew varieties in the market. The nuts are small in size and not smooth on the surface.

Customers liken Noom’s wild fresh cashews to “mountain-climbing chicken” in plant form.


– 300g/box.


– Easily used in various dishes and beverages, can be used as a meat substitute or in making desserts, sweets, or porridge.

– Provides protein, fats, starch, and can balance and fully replace meat, fish, eggs, and milk for vegetarians, especially for weaning babies and growing children.

– Provides necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients safely and effectively.


– Rinse briefly with water before cooking.

– Easily incorporated into dishes such as steamed rice, porridge, sticky rice dishes, baked goods, salted cashews, making butter, or used to prepare non-dairy milk or cheese substitutes.

– Suitable for all age groups, from children to adults, and particularly beneficial for vegetarians and those looking to replace cow’s milk for children.

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– Old cashew variety grown 20 years ago, takes over 5 years to bear fruit, not the usual 6-month variety.

– 100% fresh cashew nuts not soaked in water, harvested from wild cashew trees in sandy Thang Binh district, Quang Nam province.

– Wild cashew trees are left untended, not fertilized, and no pesticides are used.

– The product includes whole nuts, half nuts (under 10%), and broken pieces (under 3%).

– Noom’s wild cashews are entirely unpeeled due to the unique characteristics of wild cashews with rough shells and firmly attached silk.

– Fresh cashew nuts are dried naturally, resulting in a more economical process without the need for soaking.


– Initial processing and hard shell peeling are done at the Noom factory.

– Cashew kernels, after splitting, are sun-dried or dried in the wind during the rainy season.

– No soaking in water, no oxygen or ozone treatment, no bleaching.

– No exposure to radiation, electromagnetic waves, or electrical drying (microwave).

– No fumigation against termites.

– No preservatives used.

For detailed information on the processing steps, refer to:


– Place the cashew nuts in a sealed plastic bag and then put them in the cold compartment/crisper of the refrigerator. Alternatively, place them in an airtight container and store them in the refrigerator. Do not store at room temperature.

– Best consumed within 6 months when stored in the refrigerator.

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