Whole Grain TRT Stick Rice


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As a purebred traditional variety from Quang land, Thơm Rằng Thơm glutinous rice has a growth period of 130 days, cultivated using the eco-rice farming system in the sustainable forest garden at Noom’s Rơm Vàng farm.

The rice is hulled, retaining the rice bran intact to preserve all types of vitamins, especially vitamin B1, B6, B12. Thơm Rằng Thơm glutinous rice is round, sweet, fatty, chewy, tender, easy to digest, and very gentle on the stomach.

Thơm Rằng Thơm glutinous rice is compared to oatmeal in the sun and a source of pure plant collagen. It is a complete source of food that keeps the skin of sisters moisturized, rosy, and supple. At the same time, this type of glutinous rice is also a rich source of solar energy and nutrients for children. Importantly, using Thơm Rằng Thơm glutinous rice helps to effectively maintain warmth in the respiratory system during the winter.


– 1kg bag: 155,000 VND


Cooking Sticky Rice

– Rinse and clean the rice. Soak the washed rice in water in a 1:1 ratio. After 30 minutes, cook it like normal rice.

For Steamed Rice Dishes

– Rinse and clean the rice. Soak the washed rice in water in a 1:1 ratio. After 1 hour, start steaming.


– Cultivated using traditional methods from ancient eco-rice civilizations.

– The glutinous rice is cultivated for over 4 months in the forest garden agriculture model at Rơm Vàng farm.

– After harvesting, the rice is dried, stored naturally, and then hulled carefully, selected, and packaged at Noom’s facility.

– The entire processing and production process is free from any added additives or preservatives.


– Inside the paper bag, there is an inner nylon bag. Please tie the mouth of the bag tightly after each use. If used daily, you can store it at room temperature for up to 45 days while preserving the original fragrance and quality. If you use it less frequently or are not familiar with natural products, store it in the refrigerator to avoid humidity, mold, and extended shelf life for more than 6 months.

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