Cold Pressed Virgin Peanut Oil


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Cold-pressed Peanut Oil by Noom Food is made from 100% cold-pressed unrefined peanut oil extracted from carefully selected pure peanut kernels. These kernels are grown in organic farms managed and produced by Noom itself. The product provides essential energy from natural, pure, unadulterated plant-based fats, contributing to the prevention and management of metabolism-related health issues. This 100% cold-pressed peanut oil is made from peanuts, pure oil, mechanically cold-pressed, and unrefined.


  • Glass bottle 500ml: 225,000 VND
  • Glass bottle 1.9 liters: 790,000 VND
  • Glass bottle 4.6 liters: 1,750,000 VND


  • Cold-pressed peanut oil is a good source of essential energy from natural plant-based fats, providing a balanced, pure, completely vegan option for the body.
  • Used for frying, sautéing, and high-temperature cooking (up to 235°C) as a substitute for all types of refined cooking oils.
  • Can be used in various dishes such as making different types of pastries.
  • Directly used for marinating and cooking without emitting strong or oily odors.
  • Cold-pressed peanut oil is almost odorless and suitable for customers who do not prefer the peanut aroma.
  • Cooked before mixing in salads, making mayonnaise, and peanut butter.


Cold-pressed peanut oil is almost odorless or has a very light, fresh peanut scent. When cooked, it may have a scent similar to butter but more refreshing.

Cold-pressed oil is a seasonal natural food, so the aroma may vary depending on the freshness and moisture content of the raw materials. While ensuring that the raw materials are always fresh and organically grown, the aroma will differ, and only natural products will have this special privilege. Different aromas are a good thing and do not affect the nutritional value of the oil for the body. This is very different from processed foods, which are always uniform and consistent, like plastic.


Cold-pressed peanut oil needs to be slowly heated from a low temperature to achieve thorough cooking. It is advisable not to use high heat from the beginning, as the oil might overcook and lose its quality. The initial heating process is similar to roasting peanuts. Place the pan on the stove to heat it, turn off the heat, pour in cold-pressed peanut oil, and then gradually increase the heat to medium for about 2 to 5 minutes until the oil is heated (simmering). After that, adjust the temperature according to the dish you’re preparing. A sign that the oil is ready is when you dip a pair of chopsticks into the oil, and it bubbles up and sizzles.


Noom’s cold-pressed peanut oil is made from 100% pure peanut kernels grown on Noom’s farms using natural farming methods in forest gardens. This is the foremost determining factor for the quality of Noom’s cold-pressed peanut oil. Mature peanut trees produce kernels with a high oil content, ensuring sweetness and richness.


  • Peeling -> selecting fresh kernels -> cleaning kernels -> grinding -> packaging -> pressing by compression -> filtering oil through fabric -> pouring into bottles
  • 100% does not use any food additives or chemicals during the production process.
  • Uses modern machines, hygiene, stainless steel or solid steel materials for machinery.
  • Peanuts are carefully selected and filtered using machines and a final manual quality check.
  • Peanuts are cleaned and sanitized during the pressing process.
  • Cold-pressed peanut oil is not heated at any stage of the process.
  • The hygienic pressing process avoids contact with plastic or any materials that could be harmful during pressing. All standards and regulations are met.
  • Slow mechanical pressing is used for extraction.
  • Slow natural filtration without machinery or acceleration that could break lipid bonds.

Detailed video of the cold-pressed peanut oil production process


12 months at room temperature, in a dark and cool place; if stored in the refrigerator, it can last for 36 months.


Transfer the cold-

pressed peanut oil into small glass bottles that will last for about 1 month. Fill the bottle with oil, and close the lid to prevent air contact. Avoid leaving a partially filled container to minimize air exposure inside the oil.

Store the oil in a dark place, away from sunlight, in a cool environment. Avoid high temperatures, even in the ambient environment. Refrigeration is the best option.
If you’re accustomed to the natural flavor of the oil, you can keep it outside. Cold-pressed peanut oil contains a high amount of vitamin E, which acts as a natural preservative.
After some time, a thin layer may form at the bottom of the oil bottle. This is not sediment; it consists of other nutrients present in cold-pressed peanut oil, such as vitamins, fiber, minerals, amino acids, etc. If you shake the bottle vigorously, the layer will suspend and look like sediment.


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