Cold Pressed Virgin Black Sesame Oil


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Noom Cold-Pressed Black Sesame Oil is the purest essence of black sesame seeds. Using the cold-press method, slow filtering, and no refinement, the nutritional value of sesame oil is preserved in its purest form. Due to the absence of expansion and rupture of lipid bonds like other hot-pressing methods, the complete nutrition is retained in every drop of oil.

The oil extraction raw material is 100% pure black sesame seeds, grown at Noom’s farm using chemical-free and organic methods, without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Through this cultivation process, the black sesame plants yield the best quality seeds, which are firm, round, and rich in nutrients.

This crucial factor determines the top quality of Noom’s Cold-Pressed Black Sesame Oil. This 100% cold-pressed black sesame oil is made from pure black sesame seeds, unrefined, and mechanically cold-pressed.


100% cold-pressed black sesame oil


  • 100ml bottle: 150,000 VND
  • 350ml bottle: 390,000 VND


Health Benefits:

  • It’s a good source of healthy fats, with a fatty acid profile similar to that found in the human body. Provides essential energy from natural, pure fats, offering a balanced vegetarian option for the body.
  • Can be consumed directly to provide energy and balance healthy fats in the body, especially suitable for children due to easy digestion.
  • Can be used as a direct marinade for grilling, sautéing, and cooking.
  • Can be used in making various dishes, like different types of pastries.
  • Noom’s cold-pressed black sesame oil has a mild, herbal aroma without any strong smell or the typical odor of black sesame seeds.
  • Can be mixed into salads, used in making mayonnaise, or other sauces without the need for heating. If you want to add a garlic aroma, use low heat below 160°C.

Skin Care:

In traditional folk medicine, cold-pressed black sesame oil is used as a special nourishing massage oil, especially suitable for infants and expectant mothers before and after childbirth.

Cold-pressed black sesame oil is used in Ayurveda and yoga for detoxification, healing, energy supplementation, and providing a positive feeling for the body.

The Ayurvedic healing properties of cold-pressed black sesame oil help treat skin injuries or imbalances in the skin’s microbiome, aiding in cases of inflammation, acne, and excessive oil production.

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The smell of fresh sesame when just harvested, a subtle herbal fragrance towards the end of the season. A delightful and relaxing aroma.

Noom’s cold-pressed black sesame oil has a natural golden color, with variations in tone, usually a medium yellow, sometimes darker or lighter, all depending on the natural oil, the cold-pressing process, and the sesame seeds themselves.

Since it’s a natural seasonal product, the fragrance may vary from batch to batch depending on the freshness and dryness of the raw materials. However, this variation in fragrance does not affect the nutritional content of the oil for the body. It is quite different from industrial foods, which are always uniform and consistent, almost like plastic.


  • For skin nourishment and massage, see details at:
  • Can be consumed directly, poured onto rice or porridge to supplement energy and healthy fats for the skin and body. Suitable for infants during the weaning period and for general nourishment.
  • Can be used directly as a marinade, for sautéing, or cooking.
  • Avoid pouring black sesame oil directly onto a hot pan or applying high heat above 180°C, as it may bubble, froth, and become bitter.
  • Can be used in making various dishes, like different types of pastries. When not using for heating, its pleasant herbal and sesame aroma will be maintained.
  • Best way to heat the oil is by using indirect heat, such as putting it in boiling water, soups, noodles, porridge, and pho…


  • 100% pure natural black sesame seeds, grown organically in forests at Noom’s farm


  • Threshing -> Washing sesame -> Drying sesame -> Grinding -> Packing -> Cold-pressing by compression -> Filtering oil through cloth -> Pouring into bottles
  • 100% no use of food additives or chemicals throughout the production process.
  • Modern machinery is used, ensuring hygiene. Machinery materials are stainless steel or solid steel.
  • The black sesame seeds are carefully selected and screened using machines and manually double-checked.
  • The sesame seeds are cleaned and disinfected during the pressing process.
  • Cold-pressed black sesame oil undergoes no heat treatment at any stage of production.
  • The pressing process is hygienic, with no contact with plastic or any potentially hazardous materials during pressing. All production meets the required standards.
  • The oil is pressed very slowly using mechanical techniques, fully retaining the natural color and avoiding color and odor removal, or preservatives.
  • Natural slow filtering, without any mechanical or accelerated methods that could break lipid bonds.


  • 12 months at room temperature, 36 months if stored in the refrigerator


  • Keep the oil in a cool, dark place.
  • When pouring oil from the bottle, tilt the bottle rather than holding it straight up. After using, wipe the bottle’s mouth with your hand or a cloth to prevent oil leakage when the bottle is lying flat (due to the oil’s conducting nature).
  • For food use: After opening, use within 30 days or store in the refrigerator to avoid excessive contact with air in the bottle. If you are accustomed to the natural taste, you can store it outside after opening.
  • For external use: Store in a cool, dark place.

Note: If oil gets into your eyes, it may cause a mild sensation similar to water getting into your eyes. Rinse your eyes with water or let your tears wash it out; the mild sensation will subside.

After a while, a thin layer will form at the bottom of the oil bottle. This is not sediment; it’s other nutrients present in the cold-pressed crude oil: vitamins, fiber, minerals, amino acids, etc. If you shake the bottle vigorously, the layer will float, resembling sediment.


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