Cold Pressed Sacha Inchi Oil


Cold-pressed Sacha Inchi oil is renowned as a superfood, ranking at the top of the world’s most nutrient-rich foods. Originating from South America, where it harbors the essence of the world through the Amazon rainforest and its characteristic tropical climate, Sacha Inchi carries within it the positive energy of a lush, untamed land.

At Noom, Sacha Inchi oil is produced through cold-pressing and slow filtration, ensuring the preservation of its pure nutritional content.

The ingredients of cold-pressed Sacha Inchi oil consist solely of Sacha Inchi seeds harvested from the forests of Kon Tum using chemical-free cultivation methods – a form of forest gardening.

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Cold-Pressed Sacha Inchi Oil is pressed 100% from sacha inchi seeds, pure oil, unrefined.


350ml bottle: 695,000 VND

100ml bottle: 250,000 VND

Glass bottle

Uses of Sacha Inchi Oil

Health Benefits:

  • Direct consumption, added directly to rice, porridge to provide fatty energy for skin, baby food, body nourishment for everyone
  • Do not pour cold-pressed sacha inchi oil directly on hot pan or need to control slow, precise heat.
  • Best way to heat cold-pressed sacha inchi oil is by using gentle heating methods like double boiling or pouring into boiling water for soups, stews, noodles, rice, porridge, and pho.
  • Used for direct consumption or marinated with ingredients for cooking. It has a fresh root-like scent, a slight ginseng aroma, and a hint of olive freshness. When heated, a light natural vitamin E scent is released. It’s best to heat at low temperatures with control.
  • Provides vegetarian DHA, omega 3-6-9, safe balance for pregnant mothers through dietary intake
  • Supplies natural vitamin E, delta tocopherols, polyphenolics, and vitamin A carotenoids through direct dietary intake.

Skin Care:

  • It’s a light-structured base oil, perfect for nourishing and moisturizing dry skin, quickly absorbed without greasiness
  • Can be used as a complete replacement for moisturizing skincare products

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Sacha Inchi Oil Scent

It has a mild aroma similar to fresh root, somewhat resembling ginseng scent, very pleasant and natural. When subjected to high heat, a slightly tangy scent emerges, which is the natural scent of vitamin E.

Cold-pressed oil is a natural product that varies with each batch, depending on the freshness and dryness of the ingredients. While the raw materials are always alive and cultivated, the scent may differ, and only natural products have this unique quality.

The variation in scent is actually a good thing and doesn’t affect the nutritional value of the oil for the body. This is a stark contrast to industrial products that are always uniform and consistent, much like plastic.

How to Use Sacha Inchi Oil

  • Direct consumption, added directly to rice, noodles, pho, mixed in salads
  • Marinate directly with ingredients for grilling, sautéing, or cooking
  • Do not pour cold-pressed sacha inchi oil directly on hot pan or need to control slow, precise heat.
  • Used in other dishes such as making various types of pastries
  • Cold-pressed sacha inchi oil has a mild tangy scent when heated, which is the aroma of omega 3-6-9. In its cold-pressed form, it has a fresh root scent and a light aroma.
  • Mix in salads, make mayonnaise, butter for various dishes without needing to heat, unless desiring fragrance, then add garlic
  • Best way to heat cold-pressed sacha inchi oil is by using gentle heating methods like double boiling or pouring into boiling water for soups, stews, noodles, rice, porridge, pho…


  • From fresh sacha inchi seeds grown without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers at Smile Farm, Kon Tum, Vietnam.

Sacha Inchi Oil Production Process

  • Peel -> select fresh seeds -> clean seeds -> grind -> package -> cold-pressed through compression -> filter oil through fabric -> transferred to bottles
  • 100% free from any food additives or chemicals during production.
  • Utilizes modern, hygienic machinery made from stainless steel or solid steel
  • Sacha inchi seeds are carefully selected using machines and manually inspected one final time.
  • Sacha inchi seeds are cleaned and sterilized during the cold-pressing process
  • Cold-pressed sacha inchi oil is not subjected to heat during any stage of production.
  • Hygienic cold-pressing process without contact with plastic or any materials that could pose risks during pressing. Meets all required hygiene standards.
  • Pressed very slowly using mechanical techniques.
  • Naturally slow filtration without the use of machinery or acceleration that could break lipid bonds.

Expiration Date

12 months at room temperature, 36 months if stored in the refrigerator

To pour the oil out of the bottle, tilt the bottle without pouring it straight down. After use, wipe the mouth of the bottle with a hand or cloth to prevent oil leakage when the bottle is placed horizontally. (due to the oil’s conductivity)

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dark place. After opening, use within 30 days or store in the refrigerator to avoid exposure to air inside the bottle.

Note: If oil accidentally gets into the eyes, it will cause a mild sensation similar to shedding a tear, but is gentle and non-irritating. You can rinse the eyes with water as desired, or tears will also alleviate the mild sensation.

After some time, there might be a thin layer on the bottom of the oil bottle. This is not sediment but different nutrients present in the raw cold-pressed oil: vitamins, fiber, minerals, amino acids… If you shake the bottle vigorously, the layer will suspend, resembling sediment.


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