Cold Pressed Virgin Cashew Nut Oil


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Cold Pressed Cashew Nut Oil is oil extracted from fresh raw cashew nuts. It’s odorless oil with a rich, fatty taste, used for moisturizing extremely dry skin, anti-aging purposes, or for infant feeding and frying foods with mild flavors like rice cakes and lotus seeds.


100% cold-pressed from raw cashew nuts, pure oil, mechanically cold-pressed, and unrefined.


  • 100ml bottle: 300,000 VND
  • 350ml bottle: 850,000 VND


Nutritional Health Benefits:

  • Natural plant-based fat that’s beneficial for health, providing essential energy. Cashew nuts contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.
  • The fat content in cashew nuts is balanced, but provides substantial energy to the body, ensuring adequate nutrition even in vegetarian and dieting situations.
  • Easy to digest, suitable for all ages, and can be used daily.
  • Used for frying, stir-frying, and high-temperature cooking as a substitute for refined cooking oils.
  • Directly marinate ingredients for grilling, sautéing, and cooking comfortably.
  • Can be used to make various dishes like traditional rice cakes.
  • Cold pressed cashew nut oil is odorless and suitable for frying, stir-frying, and cooking foods with delicate flavors such as rice cakes, orange sauce, white fish, or vegetarian dishes.
  • Mix into salads, make mayonnaise, and nut butter without heating, unless you want a fragrant version with garlic.

Nutritional fat intake reference:

Skin Care

  • In traditional folk medicine, cold pressed cashew nut oil is known as a specialized skincare oil for dry, very dry, and aging skin.
  • Cold pressed cashew nut oil is the most benign type of oil in terms of its fatty profile. It has a soft, gentle, and light structure that easily penetrates the skin, retaining moisture beneath the skin and ensuring long-lasting makeup adherence.
  • Being odorless, it’s suitable for infusing with various herbal flowers and leaves.


It has a very light scent or no scent at all, and a faint, pleasant, natural fat aroma.

Cold pressed cashew oil is a natural product that varies with the seasons, so the aroma can differ from batch to batch depending on the freshness and dryness of the raw materials. While the aroma may differ, it doesn’t affect the nutritional quality of the oil for the body. This is quite different from industrial foods, which are always uniform and homogenous, like plastic.


  • For skin nourishment and massage, see details at:
  • Suitable for high-heat frying and sautéing.
  • Can be consumed directly, poured onto rice and porridge to supplement essential fatty energy for the skin and infant feeding.
  • Marinate ingredients directly for grilling, stir-frying, and cooking comfortably.
  • Can be used in various dishes like traditional rice cakes.
  • Mix into salads, make mayonnaise, and nut butter without heating, unless you want a fragrant version with garlic.
  • Cold pressed cashew oil should be slowly heated from low to high temperatures to ensure the oil is well-cooked. Avoid using high heat from the beginning, as the oil might become overcooked and lose its flavor. Initial heating method is similar to roasting cashews. Heat the pan on low heat, add the oil, then turn up the heat after about 2 minutes once the oil is ready for cooking.


100% fresh raw cashew nuts harvested from wild cashew trees in sandy areas of Thang Binh district, Quang Nam province.

This is the top determining factor for the quality of Noom’s cold pressed cashew oil.


  • Remove the hard shell -> remove the soft shell -> select fresh nuts -> clean nuts -> grind -> package -> press by mechanical compression -> filter the oil through fabric -> fill into bottles
  • 100% free of any food additives or chemicals during the production process.
  • Modern, hygienic machinery made from stainless steel or solid steel.
  • Carefully selected and sieved cashew nuts through machine sorting and final hand selection.
  • Cashew nuts are cleaned and sterilized during the pressing process.
  • Cold pressed cashew nut oil is not heated at any stage of the process.
  • The pressing process is hygienic and avoids contact with plastics or any potentially harmful materials. All meet food safety requirements.
  • Slow mechanical pressing technique to preserve the oil’s integrity.
  • Natural, slow filtering process without machine or accelerated methods that might damage lipid bonds.


12 months at room temperature, or 36 months if stored in the refrigerator.

To pour the oil out of the bottle, tilt the bottle slightly. Do not pour it vertically. After using, wipe the mouth of the bottle with hands or a cloth to prevent oil leakage when the bottle is placed horizontally. (due to the oil’s conductive nature)


Store the oil in a dark and cool place. After opening, use within 30 days or store in the refrigerator or transfer to a smaller bottle to minimize exposure to air inside the bottle. If you’re used to the natural flavor, you can leave it outside after opening.

Note: If the oil accidentally gets into your eyes, it will cause a mild, gentle stinging sensation, similar to getting a little vinegar in your eye. You can rinse your eyes with water if desired, or your own tears will also alleviate the stinging.

When stored in a cold environment, the oil can solidify. This starts with the oil thickening

and then becoming solid, much like lard. After some time, a thin layer can form at the bottom of the oil bottle. This isn’t sediment; it’s other nutrients present in the raw cold-pressed oil, such as vitamins, fiber, minerals, amino acids, etc. If you shake the bottle vigorously, this layer will float and appear as if it’s sediment.


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