Cold Pressed Virgin Tamanu Oil


  • Production method: Cold-Pressed
  • Content: 100% Cold-Pressed Tamanu Oil

Cold-Pressed Tamanu Oil by Noom is extracted from the naturally grown wild tamanu seeds, directly produced at the Noom workshop. Unlike refined oils, pure cold-pressed tamanu oil has a very concentrated consistency, herbal scent, and a strong nutty aroma of fresh tamanu seeds, with a deep blackish-green color. During the summer season, the oil is lighter in color and texture, while in the fall, it becomes darker and thicker, even solidifying in colder weather, with a stronger aroma.

If you’ve ever used tamanu oil before, you will be pleasantly surprised by the exceptional differences in Noom’s cold-pressed tamanu oil, in terms of scent, structure, color, and especially the healing time.


  • 100% pure cold-pressed tamanu oil, unrefined.


  • Large bottle 100ml: 400,000
  • Mini bottle 10ml: 65,000
  • 30ml bottle: 175,000


Cold-pressed tamanu oil is like a traditional folk remedy famous for its natural external antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is quickly effective in the following cases:

  • Open wounds: Heals skin quickly, tested with superior effectiveness within 24 hours (for superficial skin wounds like scratches, abrasions, not deep injuries involving muscle, tissue, bone).
  • Burns, shingles, herpes: Disinfects, enhances skin regeneration, cell growth, stimulates the production of scar-healing components like collagen, glycosaminoglycans… Provides immediate pain relief, dries out burn areas.
  • Insect bites like mosquito, bug, ant (fire ant): Prevents infection, immediately reduces itching.
  • Children’s conditions like diaper rash, eczema, itching: Reduces discomfort, quickly heals wounds.
  • Pregnancy stretch marks: Quickly tightens young skin, heals scars.
  • Pimples, pustules, swollen pimples, whiteheads, red and pus-filled acne, red irritations: Dries out acne, fades acne scars, nourishes acne-prone skin.
  • Long-term hereditary skin inflammation, foot fungus, scalp fungal infections: Antiseptic, treats fungus, provides complete relief.
  • Skin aging, wrinkles, sunburn: Helps restore skin, provides sun protection.


Tamanu oil has a mild herbal or nutty aroma similar to the scent of fresh seeds, very light, pleasant, and charming.

Cold-pressed oil varies with each season, so the scent of the oil may differ depending on the freshness and dryness of the ingredients. Although the ingredients are always alive and grown, the scent may change. Only natural products have this privilege. The varying scent is actually beneficial and has no impact on the oil’s nourishing and healing properties for the body. It’s quite different from processed industrial foods that are uniform and identical, like plastic.


Cold-pressed tamanu oil is gentle and suitable for everyone, including infants, children, adults, both women and men. It is especially suitable for older adults who have limited mobility, helping to prevent skin inflammation caused by prolonged lying or sitting.


100% from fresh tamanu seeds growing naturally all over Vietnam.


  • Peel the shell, select fresh seeds, clean the seeds, grind finely, press by compression, filter the oil in 3 layers through fabric, bottle the oil.
  • Cold-pressed at the Noom workshop, no external processing.
  • 100% free from any additives or chemicals during production.
  • Modern machinery, hygiene, machinery made of stainless steel or solid steel.
  • Tamanu seeds are peeled and carefully sieved through machines and manually inspected one last time.
  • Tamanu seeds are cleaned and sterilized during the pressing process.
  • Tamanu seeds are mechanically pressed, unrefined and not heated at any stage.
  • Hygienic pressing process with no contact with plastic or any potentially harmful materials. Complies with Vietnamese standards.
  • Pressed very slowly using mechanical techniques.
  • Naturally slow filtration, absolutely no machine or accelerated methods that would break lipids.


24 months from the production date, store at room temperature, avoid strong light or prolonged direct sunlight.

To dispense the oil from the bottle, tilt the bottle slightly, do not pour it straight down. After use, wipe the mouth of the bottle with your hand or a cloth to prevent oil leakage when the bottle is placed horizontally (due to the oil’s conductive nature).


Healing: Cleanse the skin or affected area thoroughly, then apply a few drops of cold-pressed tamanu oil, apply 3-4 times a day, use generously so that the oil seeps out onto the inflamed area. Tamanu oil also functions as a bactericidal cleanser.

If your skin is severely inflamed, such as in cases of peeling eczema, rough and flaking skin, apply cold-pressed tamanu oil directly onto the area after washing it. Repeat this process every time you wash the inflamed area.

Skin nourishment: Tamanu oil is a thick and concentrated oil, so it should be diluted with other cold-pressed oils or mixed with other essential oils for daily skin nourishment during the day and night. The recommended ratio is 10% with other cold-pressed oils, but you can easily adjust this ratio based on your own preferences and needs.

For detailed usage instructions, please refer to: How to Use Tamanu Oil

Explaining the Effects of Cold-Pressed Tamanu Oil in Cosmetics


Cold-pressed tamanu oil is not meant for consumption as it is very bitter. If accidentally ingested, it is not harmful, but it is extremely bitter. If it comes into contact with your eyes,

it will cause mild stinging, similar to getting water in your eyes, and it is safe and mild. You can rinse your eyes with water as needed. If the oil solidifies, you can place the bottle in warm water to liquefy it, making it easy to use.

The uses mentioned above are based on traditional folk medicine passed down through generations and also supported by scientific research. When applying, you should explore further, try on a small area of skin, adjust, observe, and develop a specific application method that suits you best. If you are unsure or concerned about potential allergic reactions, discontinue use.

Our cold-pressed tamanu oil is a natural product produced according to Vietnamese standards for vegetable oil production, not a medical product for skin conditions outside the Vietnamese Ministry of Health’s approval.

After some time, a thin layer may form at the bottom of the oil bottle. This is not sediment but rather other nutrients present in the raw cold-pressed oil, including vitamins, fiber, minerals, amino acids, etc. If you shake the bottle vigorously, this layer will suspend and look like sediment.


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