The Natural Cinnamon Stick Production Process

And have you ever burned a Noom cinnamon stick or frankincense stick? Do you wonder how they are made? And here is the entire process that Noom carries out. If you ever happen to visit Quảng Nôm, make sure to drop by Noom to try the experience. It may look simple, but it truly embodies the dedication we invest in preserving the fragrance of our ancestral homeland. With over a decade of producing natural incense sticks, we are always proud of what our forefathers have left for the next generations, always cherishing even the smallest things like these.

In this lifetime, there are only a few decades.

100% of the cinnamon bark contains essential oil, at a rate of 27ml/kg, grown in Quảng Nam, while the powdered cinnamon bark comes from the Gia Lai, Kon Tum, and Đak Lak provinces.

Cinnamon powder is made from the bark of cinnamon branches and the debris of cinnamon trunks grown in Tiên Phước district, Quảng Nam province. This area is located in the central region of Vietnam, where the land is rocky and challenging, facing droughts, natural disasters, and renowned for its products derived from various spice-bearing plants, including the male cinnamon tree, which is one of the four major medicinal herbs: ginseng, velvet antler, and cinnamon.

The best, most aromatic, and potent cinnamon, with the highest virus-fighting capability, must be attributed to Tiên Phước’s male cinnamon.


– Harvest the cinnamon bark (in spring and autumn) and the bark of the bỏi lời tree.

– Dry them under the sunlight, mix them evenly, and store the bark in the warehouse.

– Each time we produce, we grind them separately. Production takes place during the summer to utilize the sun’s rays to enhance the aroma, longevity, and preservation.

– Cinnamon and frankincense sticks are produced using traditional processes by skilled artisans with 35 years of experience in Tiên Phước, Quảng Nam.

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