Natural Soap Production Process at Noom

Noom soap was born because we are a producer of pure cold-pressed oils. Accordingly, Noom always has unrefined oil (a small amount of oil extracted after the vaporization process) that meets food standards. Unrefined oil is great for cooking, and we also have unrefined oil available in the food category.
This is an excellent ingredient for producing natural soap using the complete saponification reaction method without excess NaOH. The environmentally friendly wastewater is easily biodegradable. Noom’s vegetable and fruit-flavored soaps do not use phoi (soap base), leftover chemicals, or preservatives. The main ingredient that contributes to the quality of the soap is plant-based oil. Therefore, we confidently say that we personally grow natural soap ingredients.
As a cold-pressed oil producer, Noom also directly produces natural soap based on three main factors:


The main ingredient is unrefined oil self-pressed from Noom’s workshop with organic ecological self-cultivated raw materials, mechanical pressing method, and no chemicals.
Noom doesn’t have to buy all the ingredients from outside like most other industrial and handmade soaps. Noom’s soap is the most competitive price in the universe.


After the complete saponification reaction without excess NaOH, it is safe for adult and infant skin, including newborns.


Natural glycerin >5% helps moisturize the skin gently. This is vegetable glycerin available in natural soap after the saponification reaction, not added like other types.
The ratio of 5.5% glycerin also complies with cosmetic standard regulations and is achieved thanks to the high quality of pure coconut oil, sesame oil, and pure sacha inchi oil pressed by Noom.


Noom’s unrefined oil soap is made using the saponification reaction between fat and NaOH, also known as the cold process method.

Unrefined sesame oil and unrefined sacha inchi oil used in the production of Noom’s natural soap have pure raw materials from Noom’s farm and are directly pressed from Noom’s workshop. The wastewater used is easily biodegradable and environmentally friendly. We have tested the wastewater at the factory by watering plants, flowers, and vegetables. In a year, the plants are always green and thriving.

The production facility is located in Ben Tre, certified, meeting the dry cosmetics production standards.

Full test results, certifications, and invoices are available.


Bathing and Shampooing

– Cleanses the skin and maintains moisture, leaving the skin soft and smooth after bathing.

– Cleanses hair without harming the scalp.

– Creates rich lather, softens the skin before shaving.

Dishwashing, Handwashing, Face Cleansing

– Effectively cleans dishes, pots, and pans without odor, extremely safe for health. Foams dissolve quickly in water, very water-efficient.

– Leaves hands clean, fresh, safe, and smooth.

– Cleanses the face naturally, maintaining the balance of the skin’s microbiome.


– Gently removes dirt from clothes according to the principle of separating organic dirt from the surface. Especially removes stains like blood, baby’s spit-up, or newborn’s stool. Much cleaner than other detergents and industrial laundry detergents.

– Unrefined natural oil soap is ideal for hand washing because it saves a lot of water.

– No bleach, maintains fabric durability, and disinfects clothes. Especially suitable for cotton, natural silk, and infant clothes.

If you don’t like handsome men or don’t use Noom’s soap, that’s fine. Just make sure you’re not “applying” chemical fragrances and detergents to your body and face! The harmful effects of industrial and handmade soaps using soap base and phoi have been thoroughly explained by Noom in the previous article.
Everyone is invited to see the difference and benefits of Noom’s natural soap here:
If you have any questions, please send them to our inbox. We are always ready to advise you! Wish you all quickly enjoy the different, smooth, and natural moments of your skin after using Noom’s soap!
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