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Noom – A 12-Year Journey of Selling Authentic Quảng Nam Frankincense Incense

Quảng Nam Frankincense Incense is one of the renowned frankincense brands both domestically and internationally, capturing the attention of many users. However, unlike other clean agricultural products such as natural soap and cold-pressed oil, the frankincense incense available on the market today comes in various types, designs, and qualities, with differing origins and prices. This has led customers to feel “confused and concerned,” seeking out pure, authentic Frankincense Incense products to ensure the well-being of their loved ones and families!

When possessing precious raw materials such as frankincense and Tiên Phước cinnamon, it’s absolutely important to treat them with utmost care and not cause any harm in any way. Especially, for those of us who were born and raised in this land, 12 years in the business, from the roots of our ancestors’ homeland, have kept us and the profession transparent and honest, just like the straightforward nature of Frankincense Incense.

Noom Frankincense Incense preserves the original, rustic essence of frankincense and cinnamon, the renowned treasures of the rocky mountain region of Tiên Phước, Quảng Nam. Holding onto this essence is not easy; it requires determination and effort to cater to both discerning and easygoing customers, amidst the myriad of incense varieties on the market such as “special fragrance incense,” “long-lasting incense,” “prosperity gold incense,” “imported incense”…

From selecting raw materials to maintaining traditional production, purity and authenticity must be upheld, making us true artisans of this incense.

In terms of raw materials, nothing surpasses it. We maximize the primary ingredients, using 95% of frankincense/cinnamon powder and 5% of bội bời lời tree residue to naturally bind the incense. The simple bamboo stick is unprocessed, uncolored. If lucky enough to encounter an old bamboo stick or a cross-section of bamboo nodes, you’ll find the incense ash tightly rolled, absolutely not every stick rolls like that, which is common in the market, making little physical or logical sense in both nature and consumer desires. “Old bamboo grows bamboo nodes,” that’s the law of nature.

Frankincense Incense Production Workshop in Quảng Nam
Frankincense Incense Production Workshop in Quảng Nam

In production, the quality of raw materials and the mixing ratio must meet the standard for maximizing the frankincense and cinnamon powder while ensuring a good bond for the incense, achieving the desired aroma and prolonged preservation. Moreover, we utilize sunlight during the summer to dry the incense. Thanks to this, the simple bamboo stick naturally resists moisture, while the frankincense powder and cinnamon maintain their fragrance and emanate the right amount of scent. 100% thanks to the sun, the incense craft is unique, “the effort can’t be sold, and the sale can’t be made.” That’s the distinctiveness of Quảng Nam Frankincense Incense, unmatched by any other types of incense from elsewhere.

This is the craft of incense, the craft Noom chose to embark on first, always carrying a special emotion from the early years to the 12th year, from the beginning of the season to the end, every year. This period also marks the final days of this summer season, and Noom presents you with this simple film. It’s a shared pride that we dared to think, to do, to accomplish, to tell, and to continue inheriting and amplifying, from 12 years ago to now and beyond, until our strength and energy are exhausted. Thus, Noom is one of the clean and reputable Quảng Nam Frankincense Incense production workshops that you should remember whenever you need to use Frankincense Incense products.

Quảng Nam Frankincense Incense Production Process

– Harvest frankincense and bởi lời tree wood,

– Dry them under the sunlight, mix them evenly, and store the bark in the warehouse,

– Each time we produce, we grind them separately. Production takes place during the summer to utilize the sun’s rays to enhance the aroma, longevity, and preservation.

– Pure frankincense incense is produced following the traditional process by skilled artisans with 35 years of experience in Tiên Phước, Quảng Nam.

If you have the desire to own premium, 100% natural Frankincense Incense products from the beloved land of Quảng Nam, you can visit Noom’s production address at: Tổ 17, Thôn Bình Túy, Xã Bình Giang, Huyện Thăng Bình, Tỉnh Quảng Nam, Việt Nam. Throughout its establishment and development, Noom has always taken pride in being one of the distributors of clean and high-quality Quảng Nam Frankincense Incense products to consumers. You can explore Noom’s products below:

Quảng Nam Frankincense Incense Products

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