Agarwood Incense


Made from 100% agarwood powder (from the agarwood tree) grown in Quảng Nam and the outer layer of the “bời lời” tree grown in Gia Lai, Kon Tum, and Đak Lak.

Noom’s agarwood powder is crafted from agarwood trees that are over 10 years old in Tiên Phước district, Quảng Nam province. This area boasts a unique soil composition of rocky mountains, along with a harsh climate, which perfectly suits the agarwood trees’ growth. This environment results in the highest quality agarwood with a distinctive and unique fragrance that stands out both domestically and internationally.

When it comes to agarwood, within the enthusiast community, everyone must mention Tiên Phước.

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Noom’s Pure Agarwood Incense is made from pieces of wood from the agarwood tree, also known as “trầm hương,” and its outer layer is peeled off.

The incense is naturally sun-dried and air-dried, completely free from any additives or chemicals, making it safe for your health.

Noom’s Agarwood Incense is a small fragrant stick that can be linked to the “thần lửa” or the fire spirit, often absent in many urban households. The fire spirit is both a destructive and creative force, symbolizing the vitality, growth, and prosperity for the homeowner.

Agarwood incense has a fragrance that belongs to the highest frequency of vibrations in the world of scents.


  • 150 grams per bundle (80 sticks for a 40cm bundle, 100 sticks for a 30cm bundle).
  • 50 grams per pack (30 sticks, 30cm long).
  • Burning time: ~ 60 minutes per incense stick.


Spiritual Rituals

  • Burning for air purification, positive energy, dispelling negativity, and warding off evil spirits,
  • Used in worship rituals, offering incense in Buddhist ceremonies,
  • Burning to warm the space in a new home or before returning to the house after an absence.

Air Freshening

  • Burning to create a sweet and warm aroma in your living space,
  • Repelling insects, especially protecting children from mosquito bites and infectious diseases transmitted by mosquitoes,
  • Creating a warm atmosphere to counter cold weather and harsh winds during spring, fall, and winter seasons,
  • Killing bacteria and mold in the air, cleaning the environment,
  • Eliminating negative energy and generating fresh, pleasant, and clean air,
  • Neutralizing strong odors such as those in bathrooms, kitchens, or damp and musty areas,
  • Eliminating odors in refrigerators, enclosed air-conditioned rooms, karaoke rooms, and rooms with strong odors of alcohol or cigarettes,
  • Removing car odors and preventing motion sickness.

Spiritual Practices

  • Enhancing concentration, boosting spirits while working,
  • Supporting relaxation, purifying the body, mind, and soul during meditation and yoga.


  • Noom’s agarwood incense has a serene scent, reminiscent of a garden of dried leaves.


  • Suitable for all ages, including children under adult supervision,
  • Appropriate for all situations, spaces, and especially recommended for year-round use, even in hot weather.


  • Noom’s agarwood incense is made from 100% agarwood powder (from the agarwood tree) grown in Quảng Nam and the outer layer of the “bời lời” tree grown in Gia Lai, Kon Tum, and Đak Lak provinces.
  • Noom’s agarwood powder is made from agarwood trees over 10 years old in Tiên Phước district, Quảng Nam province. The unique soil conditions of a rocky mountainous region and the harsh climate create the most suitable environment for the agarwood trees to produce the highest quality and most distinctive fragrance both domestically and internationally.

When it comes to agarwood, in the enthusiast community, one must mention Tiên Phước – Quảng Nam.


  • Harvesting agarwood trees and “bời lời” trees,
  • Sun-drying and storing the outer layer of the trees, ensuring evenness and preserving the natural bark in storage,
  • For each production batch, the material is ground individually. Production takes place during the summer to utilize sunlight, which enhances the fragrance, retention, and preservation time,
  • Noom’s pure agarwood incense is manufactured using traditional techniques by skilled artisans with 35 years of experience in Tiên Phước, Quảng Nam.


Place the incense sticks in a box or a sealed bag to avoid moisture, even room humidity, as powdered wood incense is naturally dry and can absorb and generate moisture and mold.

If the incense sticks become damp, clean them and let them dry before normal use.


Light and place in an incense holder or other suitable locations for burning, ensure proper ventilation, and avoid placing near flammable materials or fire alarms.

Learn more about why you should use the clean agarwood incense for burning.


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