Cinnamon Incense


100% cinnamon bark with essential oil content of 27ml/kg is grown in Quang Nam, and the powdered cinnamon bark is grown in Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Dak Lak.

Cinnamon powder is made from the bark of cinnamon branches and the discarded bark of cinnamon trunks grown in Tien Phuoc district, Quang Nam province. This region is located in the central highlands of Vietnam, with rocky terrain and a harsh climate characterized by droughts and natural disasters. It’s renowned for producing various spices, including the hot and spicy cinnamon, also known as “cassia.”

The best, most aromatic, and highest-quality cinnamon with the highest antiviral properties must be attributed to the cinnamon from Tien Phuoc, particularly the “cassia” variety.

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Cinnamon Incense is made from powdered cinnamon bark (with a content of 27ml/kg essential oil) and pine bark.

The incense is naturally sun-dried and air-dried, completely free from chemical additives, safe for health.

Cinnamon Pine Incense is a small fragrant plant that can connect with the fire spirit – a deity often absent in many urban households. The fire spirit is both a destroyer and a creator of life, bringing prosperity and abundance to the household.

nhangquethong noom
Clean cinnamon incense, no chemicals


  • 300 grams per bundle (150 sticks for 40cm bundles, 170 sticks for 30cm bundles).
  • 50 grams: ~28 sticks, 30cm long
  • Duration: ~60 minutes per 40cm incense stick


Spiritual rituals

  • Light cinnamon pine incense to purify the air, positive energy, dispel negativity,
  • Cinnamon pine incense is used in worship ceremonies, offering to the Buddha,
  • Burn incense to warm the space when moving to a new place or before returning home to celebrate a new house.

Odor elimination

  • Burn in the room to create a sweet and warm aroma for the home,
  • Repel insects, especially to protect babies from mosquito bites and diseases transmitted by mosquitoes,
  • Create warmth, prevent cold air, and block strong winds during spring, fall, and winter seasons,
  • Disinfect bacteria and mold in the air, clean the space,
  • Neutralize negative energy, generate fresh, fragrant, and pure air,
  • Eliminate all strong odors, unpleasant odors such as in bathrooms, kitchens, or damp and odorous areas,
  • Eliminate odors in refrigerators, closed air-conditioned rooms, karaoke rooms, eliminate the smell of beer, alcohol, and tobacco in closed rooms,
  • Eliminate car odors, prevent car sickness.

Spiritual therapy

  • Cinnamon pine incense enhances concentration, uplifts the spirit when working,
  • Cinnamon pine incense supports relaxation, purifies body-mind-spirit during meditation and yoga.


  • Sweet and rich aroma, the scent of a garden with many dried leaves when burned


  • Suitable for all people, including children (under adult supervision),
  • Suitable for all situations, all spaces, especially suitable for cold and changing seasons.


Cinnamon Pine Incense is made from 100% cinnamon bark (with a content of 27ml/kg essential oil) grown in Quang Nam and powdered pine bark grown in Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Dak Lak.

Cinnamon pine bark powder is from the bark of cinnamon tree branches and bark debris of the cinnamon trunk grown in Tien Phuoc district, Quang Nam province, a central midland region with mixed rocky land. It is a place with harsh weather, frequent droughts, natural disasters, and is famous for products from various spicy plants, including cassia cinnamon, one of the four great herbal medicines: ginseng, deer antler, and cinnamon.

The best, most fragrant, and most effective cinnamon that can eliminate viruses must mention the name of Quang Nam cassia cinnamon.


  • Harvest cinnamon bark (in spring and fall) and pine bark,
  • Sun-dry under natural sunlight, mix evenly, store the whole bark in storage,
  • Each time of production, we grind individually. Production is done in the summer to utilize sunlight to enhance the fragrance, retention, and preservation time,
  • Cinnamon pine incense is produced according to traditional methods by skilled craftsmen with 35 years of experience in Tien Phuoc, Quang Nam.


  • Put the incense bundles in a box or an airtight bag to avoid moisture, even in humid conditions, at room temperature. Since the powdered wood incense is dry, it may absorb moisture and become moldy.
  • If it becomes moldy, clean it and let it dry before using it normally.


Light and insert into the incense holder or the places where you want to burn incense, allow ventilation, avoid flammable or fire alarm places.

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