Fermented Black Tea


Fermented Black Tea is made from young tea buds of well-established tea plants interspersed with the scent of pepper and lime in the garden of Tiên Phước household. This is one of the reputable and long-standing satellite farms of Noom.


100% young tea buds (including leaves and buds) harvested in the spring-summer season. The final product retains the original form of leaves and buds.


150g: 75,000

1kg: 470,000


Fermented Black Tea, also known as red tea, is a process of fermenting young tea buds with water and raising the temperature at the appropriate time so that the polyphenol oxidase enzyme is fully activated, turning the green tea leaves into a brown-black color. In chemical terms, it is not referred to as fermentation but rather as an enzymatic process. In local terminology, it’s called Fermented Black Tea.

After fermentation, the tea is sun-dried and then packaged.

The process of making Fermented Black Tea is simple, traditional, and manual, yet it preserves the strong aroma of tea throughout the year. Additionally, the tannin content in the tea leaves is significantly reduced, making it easier to drink for various individuals. It is suitable for milk teas, fruit teas, morning and afternoon teas for young people.


Place 10g of Fermented Black Tea in a strainer and rinse it under running water. Note that you should rinse the tea outside the strainer under the tap to remove any dirt without damaging the tea or washing it directly in the teapot.

Place it in a teapot or pot with 500ml of drinking water or less according to your taste preference. Bring it to a simmer and let it cook on low heat for 3-7 minutes depending on the amount of water. Cover tightly and wait for an additional 5-12 minutes before enjoying.

Suitable for hot, cold, pure, or with raw cane sugar, cow’s milk, nut milk, making fruit teas, cooking with other dried fruits according to taste or local culture.


12 months from the production date.


Store at room temperature, seal the mouth of the bag tightly.


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