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Noom Mountain ginseng grows at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level in Tay Giang, Quang Nam. The growth period of Noom Mountain ginseng is approximately 1-2 years. The Kotu people gather ginseng from the mountains and cultivate it alongside primary crops on a daily basis. Harvesting is done by cutting the large roots, allowing the smaller ones to continue growing underground.

Noom Mountain ginseng is harvested using a sustainable and stable growth method under the forest canopy, within the internal ecosystem of Noom. It grows alongside a diverse range of local crops, root vegetables, upland tubers, as well as fruit-bearing and forestry trees.


With various local advantages, Noom Mountain ginseng is suitable for cultivation in Vietnam, especially in Tay Giang, Quang Nam. It has gained high regard from traditional Eastern medicine practitioners for its properties and nutritional value, comparable to Ngoc Linh ginseng, Cordyceps, and ginseng, even surpassing them in some aspects. Despite each product having different traditional medicinal properties.

Considering its nourishing and immunity-boosting effects, Noom Mountain ginseng stands out. Especially when consumed regularly, it aids in rapid recovery and overall health improvement, surpassing even Ngoc Linh ginseng.

This is without mentioning imported ginseng types; the majority are industrially grown for their appealing appearance, but lack the desired medicinal qualities.

Some effective ways to use Noom Mountain ginseng include:

  1. Soaking in Honey: Rinse the fresh ginseng, hang it in a windy place to dry naturally, then grind it into powder and mix with honey. Consume several spoonfuls per meal, several times a day.
  2. Boil and Drink like Tea: Slice or use the dried whole root, then boil and drink in place of water daily.
  3. Stewing in various dishes with both fresh and dried forms.

– Vegetarian: Stew with various legumes and seeds.

– Cook together with snow mushrooms, jujubes, fox nuts, seaweed, and sugarcane juice or water.

– Cook together with a bundle of cool water leaves: bamboo roots, artichoke roots, horseweed, licorice roots.

– Salty dishes: Stew with your favorite fish and seafood.

  1. Soaking in Alcohol: Soak fresh or dried ginseng. Different flavors are achieved. Soak dried ones in herbal aroma, fresh ones in citrus aroma. 1kg of dried ginseng in 10 liters of 35% alcohol. Good alcohol is ready after 3 months of soaking, and fresh ginseng is soaked in 10 liters of alcohol.
  2. Soaking in Honey: It’s best to soak dried ginseng, place it in a jar, and fill it with honey.


Target users: For those needing physical nourishment and high nutritional support, such as ginseng, bird’s nest, Cordyceps, silky fowl, honey, royal jelly, reishi mushroom… it’s recommended for those over 30, with weak health, who are sick, or need to follow a restricted diet. It’s not recommended for children and those in very good health.

Note: It’s advisable to learn more about nutritional foods, herbal remedies, or consult with a traditional medicine practitioner.

Price: 550,000 VND per 1kg of fresh ginseng, excluding moisture loss due to drying.

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