Viet Nam Castile Soap From Cold Pressed Oil



Viet Nam castile soap collection made from 100% unrefined vegetable oil, cold pressed oil and typical tropical herbs.  Oil ingredients for making Vietnamese soap are grown and produced at Noom Food farms and factories.

Viet Nam castile soap collection not only gently cleans the skin for newborn, woman, man  but is also friendly to soil microflora, aquatic life and  plants.  Saponification reaction stabilizes the amount of natural glycerin >5%, nourishing the skin’s microflora. Outstanding advantages: lots of foam, fast drifting, saving water and wastewater in production and consumption, good for green irrigation soil, minimizing carbon footprint.


Viet Nam castile soap collection includes 06 bar soaps
Tamanu oil soap washes the face, nourishes the skin, treats acne, reduces oiliness, treats dermatitis, bathes infants and children, and treats diaper rash. Shampoo to treat dandruff and reduce itching quickly.

Multi-purpose soap, multi-purpose, minimalist, odorless, convenient, used for bathing, washing face, washing hands, washing dishes, washing clothes by hand or machine.

Soap soap to wash hair, treat dandruff, and gently clean baths.

Polyscias fruticosa soap for bathing and bathing cools the body and is refreshing for both babies and men.

Ginger soap is fragrant, warms the body, reduces cold, and washes with beans to treat dandruff.

Intensive coconut shell charcoal soap for treating back acne, detoxifying, treating pore inflammation, and deodorizing body odor, for men.


The Viet Nam castile soap collection includes 6 types, 6 bars, each 100gr, packing in a reusable paper carton box.


Widely used for many family members.

Use to change the experience of oils in typical tropical monsoon regions

Viet Nam castile soap is suitable as a gift of Vietnamese specialties for international friends, because both the ingredients and production are in Vietnam.

Production process

Viet Nam castile soap use saponification method between unrefined oil, cold pressed oil and lye.

Coconut oil, black sesame, sacha inchi, tamanu  used in the production made and grown by Noom Food.  We have used wastewater at the factory by watering plants, flowers, and vegetables from 2019 until now, the plants are always green and growing well.

Factory in Ben Tre, certified and qualified to produce dry cosmetics.

Full legal document, certificates, invoices for export.


Keep in dried place.

Vietnam castile soap made from pure, unbleached, unrefined oil  so the reaction with the oil color is longer than with fat. After 4 months, the white soap will become original color of the oil, which is ivory, yellowish white, and then completely off white. Polyscias fruticosa soap is made from fresh polyscias fruticosa leaves.  the leaves will dry and turn grey.The longer the oil soap is kept, the better quality., stronger oily smell, but ít is better for skin and hair.

Expiry date: 24 months.


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