Herbal Unrefined Oil Soap


Noom Soap was created because we are a producer of cold-pressed pure oils. Accordingly, Noom always has additional unrefined oil (a small amount of oil extracted after the steam distillation process) that meets food standards. This is an excellent ingredient for producing natural soap using the saponification reaction method with no excess NaOH. The environmentally friendly wastewater is easy to decompose.

Noom’s herbal vegetable soap does not use pre-made mixtures, no residual chemicals, and no preservatives. The main ingredient that contributes to the quality of the soap is the natural vegetable oil. Therefore, we confidently state that we personally cultivate the ingredients for natural soap.

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Natural soap with 8 herbal vegetable flavors, no excess NaOH after saponification reaction with fat in oil, contains natural vegetable glycerin (> 5%) which moisturizes the skin, organic vegetable powder adds effective skin care with herbs.

Natural soap creates abundant lather, cleans effectively, lather quickly dissolves when in contact with water, extremely water-saving. Natural soap cleans according to the principle of separating organic dirt from the cleaned surface, the gentle and alluring posture, without the cleansing and killing properties.

Fresh soap from oil manufacturers is extremely cost-effective, cheaper by 50-70% compared to soap manufacturers who purchase oil to make soap.


Unrefined oils (sacha inchi, black sesame oil, coconut oil), coarse sea salt, pure water, organic vegetable powder and (completely no excess) NaOH.


8 characteristic herbal vegetable flavors from Quang region:

  1. Coconut shell coal soap – Antimicrobial hygiene
  2. Baby jackfruit oil soap – Skin smoothing
  3. Cinnamon soap – Natural antibacterial
  4. Ginger cinnamon soap – Balanced dual flavor
  5. Black Locust – Smooth skin, silky hair
  6. Ming aralia soap – Cooling effect on skin
  7. Ginger soap – Warming the body
  8. Eucalyptus soap – Gentle with skin

Note: In the soap box, the different vegetable flavors are arranged in order from left to right, top to bottom, corresponding to numbers 1 to 8 on the box or on the lid.


– 400g box contains 8 pieces of 50g each

– Price: 220,000 VND/box


With 3 pure oil ingredients that are unrefined, the benefits are extensive including:

Pure coconut oil has the ability to create good foam, helping to clean skin, hair, clothes, and dishes.

Pure black sesame oil increases the glycerin content in soap > 5%, softening the skin and increasing moisture for the skin and hair.

Pure sacha inchi oil has a bitter, astringent taste that helps balance bacteria and fungi on the skin, making your skin and hair healthy and shiny.

Used for washing face, full body bathing, hair washing, and hand washing.

– Cleanse the body with a gentle, non-abrasive pulling mechanism,

– Retain moisture and soften the skin after bathing (Natural glycerin > 5%),

– Cleanse hair without harming the scalp,

– Create abundant foam, soften and smooth the skin before shaving.

In addition, you can choose original flavored soap to soak in water to make natural dishwashing water, fabric detergent water.


Clean, fragrant, safe, and economical hygiene

– Full body bathing: wet the body or the area needing cleaning, rub the soap directly on the skin and then scrub thoroughly. Rinse off with water.

– Bathing for infants and young children: create foam on the adult’s hand, rub it all over the head, hair, body for the child, then rinse with warm water. Avoid letting concentrated soap fall into the eyes or deep inside the genital area and if it happens, rinse with plenty of water.

– Hair washing: stand while washing, use your fingertips to massage the scalp many times, then rinse directly under the shower. To enhance the effectiveness of treating dandruff and making hair soft and smooth, use lemon juice directly on the scalp, massage the scalp and hair thoroughly, then rinse with clean water.

– Face wash: create foam on your hand, rub the foam on your face for 15 seconds, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

– Hand wash: wash under the tap, do not soak dishes and bowls in the sink immediately after washing with natural soap.

Note: Natural soap can still be used as the best genital hygiene product today compared to industrial products, even organic ones. Dilute it with plenty of water to avoid irritation. Ideally, you should clean your genital area while rinsing from head to toe, which is convenient and 100% gentle, mild, and 100% safe, and also thoroughly cleans the genital area.


Place the soap in a tray with drainage grooves, in a dry place. If exposed to water, the soap will soften and the quality will not change. If you use the soap for bathing every day, you don’t need to worry about storage.

If you want to keep the soap for a long time, take it out of the packaging, place it on a shelf, in a well-ventilated place, and if there’s sunlight, that’s even better. Or occasionally check them if they’re wet due to glycerin absorbing moisture from the air, then dry them in the sun or dry them at 35°C for 1 hour.

Natural soap is made from sodium salt, so its shelf life is about 24 months. The longer the soap is kept, the better its quality, because sodium salt is stable even though the vegetable flavors have disappeared, the vegetable-flavored soap may have a strong oil smell, which is not pleasant, not gentle on the nose.


Natural Noom soap is made by saponification method between fat and NaOH, also known as the cold process.

Unrefined black sesame oil, unrefined sacha inchi oil used in the production of natural Noom soap has pure ingredients from Noom farm and is directly pressed from the Noom workshop. The wastewater after use easily decomposes and is environmentally friendly. We have tested the wastewater at the factory by watering plants, flowers, and vegetables. In a year, the plants remain green and healthy.

The production workshop is located in Ben Tre, certified and meets the standards of dry cosmetic production, with complete test results, certifications, and invoices.

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