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Black locust soap produced by Noom is a natural soap made from precipitated sodium salt, with a pure light smell, no residual residue after the saponification reaction with the fat in the oil, and contains natural vegetable glycerin ( > 5%) has the effect of moisturizing the skin.

Black locust soap creates a lot of foam, cleans effectively, the foam dissolves quickly when exposed to water, super saving water. Soap soap cleans according to the principle of separating organic dirt from the cleaned surface, has no bleaching properties, and is non-destructive.

Black locust soap is fresh soap from oil manufacturers with extremely economical prices, 50-70% cheaper than soap manufacturers who buy oil to make.


Unrefined oils (sacha inchi oil, black sesame oil, coconut oil), coarse sea salt, pure water, organic vegetable powder and (completely no excess) NaOH.


Unscented or/and a light scent of activated carbon, Noom black locust soap does not leave any odor on the skin, dishes after bathing or washing. When left for a long time, the oil smell becomes stronger, but after bathing, the body is clean and odorless.


– 100gr/1pc

– Price 70.000 VND/pc


With black locust powder and pure unrefined pure oil, black locust soap has great uses including the following:

A large proportion of pure balck locust powder has many anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties, eliminates fungus on the scalp, balances sebaceous glands, and restores hair follicles.

Pure coconut oil has good foaming ability, providing the highest cleansing ability of all natural cleaning ingredients for skin and hair.

Pure black sesame oil helps increase the glycerin percentage in soap to > 5%, softens the skin and increases hair moisture.

Pure sacha inchi oil has a bitter, astringent taste that helps balance bacteria and fungi on the skin, making your skin and hair healthy and shiny.

Black locust soap is specifically used to treat and prevent diseases caused by imbalance of microflora on the skin. Use soap to wash your hair to remove white patches and itching caused by dandruff, reduce the amount of hair loss, restore hair follicles, nourish hair roots, and make hair soft and smooth. Using soap to bathe also has anti-inflammatory effects, eliminating problems with dermatitis, itchy skin, and making the skin soft and smooth.


Black locust soap is a complete replacement for shower gel, shampoo, facial cleanser, and shower gel for adults, infants, and children.

– Use a whole bar of soap for best results.

– Can be cut into small pieces, soaked in water to make a cleaning solution for the whole family or soaked in soapberry water to make shampoo. Adding orange peel, grapefruit, dried cinnamon or essential oils to the soaking water will create fragrance and balance bacteria.

Cut 1 bar of multi-purpose soap into a jar, then add 300ml of water and use immediately, no need to wait for it to dissolve, change the ratio depending on the purpose of use. If you have young children at home, soak it in 1 liter so your kids can comfortably use the hand sanitizer to save money.

– You should soak each cake until enough to use, use it all before soaking another cake.

– Suitable for all subjects from infants, children, and adults.


How to use black locust soap

– Full body bath: wet the whole body or the skin to be cleaned, rub the soap directly on and then scrub thoroughly. Then rinse with water.

– Bathing babies, children: foam on adult hands, rub all over the head, hair, whole body for children and then rinse with warm water. Do not allow concentrated soap to fall into the eyes or deep inside the intimate area and if so, rinse with plenty of water.

– Wash your hair: stand and wash, rub your scalp thoroughly with your fingertips several times, then rinse water directly under the shower. To increase the effectiveness of dandruff treatment and smooth hair, pour lemon juice directly on the scalp, massage all over the scalp and hair, then rinse with clean water.

– Wash your face: foam on your hands, rub foam on your face for 15 seconds, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

– Wash hands and dishes: note to wash under the tap, do not soak dishes in the basin immediately after washing with natural soap.

Used for dishwashers & washing machines

– Dishwasher: just chop/shred/mince the amount of 1/20 – 1/10 of a bar of white soap, put it in the compartment where you put the dishwasher tablets. Set the normal dishwashing mode as with chemical dishwashing tablets. We have tested Bosch dishwashers with hot water mode for over 1 year. After washing, if there are faint white stains left, it means the machine has not rinsed the soap off, you need to use less soap or increase the washing time.

– Top loading washing machine: cut/grate about 1/6 of a bar of soap or adjust according to the amount of clothes to be washed, put straight into the washing drum. You should choose the soaking washing mode for best results. Soap bars can be soaked in water to create a liquid solution to use as laundry detergent.

– Front-load washing machine: similar to top-load washing machine, but put soap in a thin sock or mesh bag to maximize cleaning efficiency.

Note: Noom testing for Bosh dishwashers with hot water for 2 years, may not be suitable for some chemical dishwashers. The way to wash noom soap is to separate the dirt from the object to be cleaned by the mechanism that the surface tension of the water molecule will attract the dirt to dissolve in the water and then wash away. Noom soap does not bleach, does not destroy, converts dirt into other substances, so if the machine has a mechanism that works like washing dishes under the tap, the dishwasher will be clean, if the dishwasher mechanism follows the mechanism of soaking dishes in water, it will still adhere to 1 layer of milky outside.

Note: black locust soap does not work in hard water.


Place the soap in a tray with drainage grooves, in a dry place. If exposed to water, the soap will soften and the quality will not change. If you use the soap for bathing every day, you don’t need to worry about storage.

If you want to keep the soap for a long time, take it out of the packaging, place it on a shelf, in a well-ventilated place, and if there’s sunlight, that’s even better. Or occasionally check them if they’re wet due to glycerin absorbing moisture from the air, then dry them in the sun or dry them at 35°C for 1 hour.

Natural soap is made from sodium salt, so its shelf life is about 24 months. The longer the soap is kept, the better its quality, because sodium salt is stable even though the vegetable flavors have disappeared, the vegetable-flavored soap may have a strong oil smell, which is not pleasant, not gentle on the nose.


Black locust soap


Natural Noom soap is made by saponification method between fat and NaOH, also known as the cold process.

Unrefined black sesame oil, unrefined sacha inchi oil used in the production of natural Noom soap has pure ingredients from Noom farm and is directly pressed from the Noom workshop. The wastewater after use easily decomposes and is environmentally friendly. We have tested the wastewater at the factory by watering plants, flowers, and vegetables. In a year, the plants remain green and healthy.

The production workshop is located in Ben Tre, certified and meets the standards of dry cosmetic production, with complete test results, certifications, and invoices.


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