Achiote Unrefined Oil


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Noom’s Red Cashew Oil is made from naturally grown red cashew seeds at the home gardens of the Bahnar people, in Noom’s satellite farm located in Kon Tum province. The seeds are soaked in Noom’s peanut oil and gently heated to extract the most natural red color.


Red cashew seeds (red curry cashew) soaked in pure natural unrefined peanut oil (oil pressed directly at Noom’s workshop).


Marinate with spices or add directly during cooking. Use to naturally add an appealing and delicious red color to your dishes.


– 100ml bottle: 60,000 VND


No scent or a mild natural fragrance of red curry cashew oil.

Red Cashew Oil is a seasonal natural product, so the aroma may vary between batches depending on the freshness and dryness of the ingredients. Although the freshness and planting are consistently maintained, the aroma can differ, and this uniqueness is only present in natural products. This variation in aroma is actually a positive attribute and has no impact on the nutritional value of the oil for the body. This distinctiveness stands far apart from industrial food products, which always maintain uniformity and similarity, much like plastic goods.

Shelf life is 12 months at room temperature and 36 months if stored in the refrigerator.


Store at room temperature in a cool, dark place. Use regularly and monitor. If not used frequently, it’s best to store in the refrigerator.

Note: There may be sediment at the bottom of the bottle, which is red curry cashew powder. This does not affect the quality of the product. The red curry cashew powder is edible.

Noom wishes you to have more “weapons” to conquer the “hungry stomachs” of your entire family!

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