Less & Better Duck Meat


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DUCK MEAT – DELICIOUS AND LEAN MEAT is a product line of fresh fish eggs in an ecological farming system using the methods: Forest Garden Pond Field
The ducks are raised for over 12 months.
The meat is cleaned at facilities with permits for poultry and livestock processing. The process is very quick, not exceeding 30 minutes, then frozen at -30 degrees Celsius, and stored at -18 degrees Celsius. Fast freezing and flash freezing are the best methods for preserving fresh meat in the world today, second only to processing the meat yourself after cooking.
  • Duck meat with golden skin, similar to free-range native chickens, has tender and sweet meat. Meat weighs around 800g – 1.2kg after cleaning / 1 bag per duck. Muscovy duck (young duck) weighs from 1.5kg – 2.3kg
  • Packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag per duck.

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